Most people have goals in life that they would like to accomplish

Goal setting and achievement can often be overwhelming.  When I do an intake, I often ask clients what their goals of therapy will be. Over the years, it has become less surprising to me that clients are pretty unsure of what they are hoping to achieve.  They know that something isn’t working for them, but can’t pinpoint how to solve it. Taking the first step in realizing that something is amiss is great. Having that self-awareness will certainly help you move towards in setting your goals in life. Counselling can lead to accomplishing them.  

Some things I notice most about defining what someone wants include:
  • Being aware of the things you don’t want for your life
  • Being able to recall past goals you’ve wanted to achieve
  • Knowing that there is something out there that will make you feel more complete

What these things allow us to do is take a look back and dial in on how you were able to accomplish past goals.  By taking a closer look we can see what skills you used to set those goals and to go about doing them. Although looking back at past accomplishments can be very helpful, it can also get in the way of moving towards current goals.

Ways this happens are:
  • Viewing the goal you’ve created for yourself as out of reach, too big, not possible
  • Believing that you don’t have the abilities and skills necessary to reach your goals
  • Undervaluing having a support system in place to help you achieve your goals
Counselling can help with these roadblocks

You’ll feel more confident having someone in your corner who can guide you to take tiny steps towards your goals and help you celebrate the achievement of each step.  Having someone who can point out your strengths and how they can be transferred will help you achieve your goals. Your counsellor is there to help you accomplish whatever you want in your life. They can offer you the support you need when you struggle moving forward.  As counsellors, we love nothing more than to see you succeed.

If goal setting and accomplishment is something you are struggling with, consider Strong Counselling as a source of support to help you through the process.