I provide counselling therapy primarily to individual adults looking to work one-on-one through talk therapy.  

The title ‘talk therapy’ is really just another way of saying, we will meet either online via video or in person and talk about what’s going on with you.

Together in a supportive, compassionate and confidential environment we will collaborate to help you develop the clarity, insight, and skills to overcome whatever has brought you in to counselling.

The way in which I approach our work together depends on many things, a few aspects that help me determine how to construct our therapeutic path include; what challenge brought you in for therapy, what has helped you through difficult times in the past, as well as how your worldview guides the ways you think, feel, and behave.

Some concerns addressed in therapy include, but are not limited to:

Life Transitions

Adjusting to parenthood, divorce, change of career/job, gender transitioning, starting or finishing university or a new job, divorce, relocation, retirement, identity shifts, changes in social groups/friend relationships.

Grief and Loss

Death of a loved one person or pet, miscarriage, fertility concerns, loss of career, loss of potential, loss of relationship,


Issue surrounding feeling heard and understood by others within our life be it workmates, friends, family, or intimate partners

Communication skills

Feeling heard, understood, and able to express oneself, as well as learning how to empathize, listen, and hear those we care about.


Believing that others are more important than ourselves, that everyone else's needs have to come first.


Feeling like your emotions are just below the surface and are ready to erupt if one more thing comes up.  Noticing yourself having a short fuse in situations where you normally would not.

With any of the concerns above you may be anxious, stressed, overwhelmed, feeling stuck, hopeless, isolated, alienated, and unsure how to proceed.  Coming to see me can help you overcome whatever it is your experiencing. Working together can help you gain clarity and control over the direction you want to choose for your life.

Note: I also provide counselling to adult couples and adult families to help with the basics of improving communication however I recommend those wanting to get deeply involved in couples counselling see a Gottman trained counsellor and those who want family counselling with two or more members see a therapist trained from the family systems perspective.