It’s one of those things that’s cliche for a reason. What you experience in childhood does set the stage for much of the rest of your life – the decisions you make, the relationships you choose, how you feel about yourself and others…the list goes on. It’s why counsellors almost always want to know about your childhood and it’s why we believe it’s so important to help you understand how those early childhood experiences may have played out (or are still playing out) in the rest of your life.

We know that talking about your childhood can sometimes be difficult, and that it can bring things to the surface that you may have worked decades to repress. But it is usually those repressed things – the ones that are the most difficult to talk about – that have the greatest impact on our lives and the greatest potential, if processed with help from a trusted counsellor, to free us from a lifetime of questionable decision-making, anxiety and depression, low self- esteem, and a host of other things.

Still on the fence? Consider almost every Marvel movie ever made, including Guardians of the Galaxy in which the childhood trauma experienced by several characters is exposed and explored, and healing is outlined as a continuous, often lifelong, process. And that’s where counselling comes in. The right counsellor should be interested not only in the events of your childhood but in helping you find/uncover the current skills you have to overcome the negative impact of those events as you work toward healing.

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Childhood trauma and the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

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