Today, I want to talk about living with ADHD and all the fun that comes along with it. The struggle is real – countless hours searching for misplaced keys, forgetting important deadlines, and impulsively buying things that are probably not needed, to name a few.

Living with ADHD can be a rollercoaster ride, filled with ups and downs. One of the biggest challenges that people face are issues with executive function. It’s like having a traffic jam in your brain—thoughts, ideas, and tasks all piling up and getting tangled in a mess of mental congestion. Sometimes, it feels like the brain has a mind of its own (pun

One of the most frustrating aspects of executive function issues is the difficulty in starting and completing tasks. It’s not that people with ADHD are unmotivated; it’s just that the brain of someone with ADHD often struggles to prioritize and organize information. Imagine sitting down to tackle an important project, only to find yourself down a YouTube rabbit hole an hour later, wondering how you got there.

And let’s not forget about time management and time blindness (inability to recognize how much time has passed or not being able to predict how much time is needed for a task). It’s a constant battle against the clock. People with ADHD have the best intentions to be punctual, for example, but somehow, time slips through their fingers like sand. Procrastination becomes the arch-nemesis, and deadlines become the stuff of nightmares.

But here’s the thing—living with ADHD and executive function concerns isn’t all doom and gloom. People with ADHD possess incredible strengths that often go under valued. Their minds are wired for creativity, innovation, and thinking outside the box. When they harness their focus, they can dive deep into their passions and excel in amazing ways.

Those with ADHD are the kings and queens of hyperfocus. When something captures their interest, they can become unstoppable. It’s like a superpower that allows them to delve into a subject and become experts in no time.

Living with ADHD can be a wild ride, but it’s important to remember that you are not alone. Remember those that love and support you. Seek out relevant YouTube / social media content and consider reaching out for counselling. As a counsellor with personal and professional experience with ADHD, I am here to listen and support you in this journey. So, stay strong, and keep being your amazing, ADHD-infused selves!

Here are some resources that may be useful to anyone with questions regarding ADHD:

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– Katie Morton on YouTube has a variety of helpful explanations on all matters related to mental health. She also has a great explanation of ADHD –
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