I provide counselling therapy for individuals, couples, families, and groups covering a wide range of issues including:

Life Transitions

Career changes, relationship changes, retirement, relocation, loss.

Grief and Loss

Grief and loss is not just related to death, people also experience grief and loss when dealing with survivor guilt, break ups, loss of employment or potential…


Support for anyone who is part of or an ally to the queer community including anyone who identifies as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, questioning, intersex, or asexual.

Anxiety and Stress

Overwhelmed, fears, worry, general or specific


Stand up for yourself, build confidence, overcome insecurities, find your voice, communicate

Relationships: intimate and otherwise

Communication skill building, conflict resolution, mediation, consultation


Caregiver, multi-tasking, career dissatisfaction

Familial and Cultural Concerns

Generational, marital, familial roles, cross cultural relationships, blended families, expectations…


Any event (first hand or witnessed), relationship, or situation big or small that causes great distress and impact on your life or well being

Abuse and/or Injustice

Emotional, Verbal, Physical, Sexual, Bullying, Discrimination, Race, Sexism