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Is the initial intake session the same length of time and cost as the following therapy sessions?

Most counselling sessions are 50 minutes long, allowing 10 minutes for payment rebooking and note taking. However, I suggest an 80 minute session for the initial session as this allows me to gather much of the information from you that is necessary for me to be of help to you and it also allows you time to explain what has brought you into therapy. I have also held 80 minute sessions from time to time if the client is feeling like they may just need a little extra support that week.

How often would we meet?

In the beginning it is important to meet weekly in order to allow for therapy to be most effective. After some time we may decide that coming biweekly may be sufficient. Some clients attend single appointments whereas others may continue for years. The length of therapy will be completely individual. Often clients will come to counselling regarding a particular issue and once they feel it has been adequately resolved they may cease to come. However, if another issue arises they may return to counselling to help work through whatever current issue is troubling them.

what can i expect counselling to be like?

One thing I like to inform potential clients about is that counselling is hard work for both you as a client and me as a counsellor. Sometimes things will feel as if they are getting worse instead of better during the counselling process. I have found this to be a pivotal moment in counselling where constructive change is happening even though it may not feel like it. I urge you to stick with the discomfort in order to see the possibility that working through it may offer. With that said, it is also important to be as open, upfront, and honest with me as you feel comfortable doing. If you are upset about anything I’ve said or done or are unsure what I’ve meant by anything please do not hesitate to bring it up in session. I am not offended by your questioning of me, instead I encourage your confrontation as I believe confrontation does not have to be viewed negatively and instead can be very transformative. Our counselling relationship can often be a model for you to learn how to effectively communicate your needs, wants, and hurts without being judged. My hope is to validate your experience and help you achieve whatever goals you have set for yourself.

Is counselling confidential?

The short answer is YES, however, there are some exceptions, including: when a client is threatening self-harm or harm to others, child abuse, or a court order to release information. The intake forms you fill out during your first appointment with a counselor fully explain the boundaries of confidentiality and we will certainly go through those boundaries prior to beginning our work together.

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