Contact & Fees

Booking an appointment:

Please call or text 778-835-9700 to book an Appointment with Jacqueline Strong.

If you have any questions please take advantage of a free, confidential 15-minute phone or video consultation.

Please feel free to leave a message with my voicemail as it is confidential. I will do my best to return your messages within 24hours from Monday to Friday. If you call after 4:00pm Friday I will return your call the following Monday.


Individual Sessions (in person or online):

  • $120 (50 minutes)
  • $165 (80 minutes)

Couples Sessions (in person or online):

  • $140 (50 minutes)
  • $195 (80 minutes)

Fees are payable, via cash, e-transfer, or credit (Visa or Mastercard) in session. For online sessions electronic transfers must be sent at least one hour prior to the start of our session.

I generally allow space for 2 clients in my case load to be on a sliding scale. If you have been selected as one of these two clients I ask that you bring to my awareness if your financial situation improves. If your situation improves we can then discuss the transition of moving you to be a full fee client to allow space for others in need to take advantage of the sliding scale spots I offer.

For clients who started counselling with me at at my initial rates, those fees will be maintained for the current calendar year, however if you take long term breaks from our sessions (more than 2 months consecutively without a session) I will then have to raise your fee to the current fee schedule upon your return unless the break has been discussed and approved.

Location and Parking:
#200-1892 West Broadway at Cypress Street, Vancouver, BC, V6J 1Y9. Please come in the front door, up the stairs and in the first door on the right, let the receptionist know you are here to see me and I will come to reception to greet you.

If your appointment is scheduled for after 5:00pm the office may be locked from the outside. Please arrive only 5 minutes prior to your appointment time and I will come to greet you at the door.

There is free 2hr parking available on 10th avenue and also 3 spaces available for 2 hours, please inquire at reception. There is also metered parking right in front of the office.

Cancellation Policy:
The session that you book is time reserved exclusively for your benefit. Our cancellation policy is based on fairness to you, the counsellor, and other clients needing appointments. Strong Counselling requires 48 hours notice for cancellations in order to avoid full payment for missed services. We try to accommodate for emergencies by offering appointment times within the same week if there are time slots available. If you are unable to use any of those offered times and have not given 48 hours notice you will be charged in full for the missed session.

This cancellation policy is really important to my practice because, while a medical doctor or physiotherapist can see 20-30 patients in a day, a therapist like me generally sees a maximum of 6. I reserve for you, and all my clients, a full hour of my time for the session and clinical notes. If a client cancels with less than a full 48-hour notice, I won’t be able to fill that time slot, and I’ll lose an entire hour from my work schedule and my business will lose out, as will other potential clients who are needing therapy.

I want you to know that my cancellation policy in not a penalty or a punishment. I want to make sure that you don’t feel this way, if someday you miss an appointment. Truth be told, if you are in counseling long enough, at some point you might forget about an appointment, or something will come up in your schedule that will result in you missing an appointment. I’m never upset with clients when they miss an appointment. I know that’s life. In return, my clients understand that scheduling an appointment with me is like buying tickets to an event. If you miss the event, it doesn’t matter why you missed it, or even if it was your first time, you can’t turn in your tickets for a refund.

Benefits Coverage:
As Jacqueline Strong is a Canadian Certified Counsellor through the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association, her services may be covered by your benefit plan. Jacqueline will provide you with a receipt for each session which you can submit for compensation or as a medical expense tax deduction. Contact your insurance provider or human resource department to check your coverage.